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Support SciTech with a tax-deductible contribution

posted Jan 1, 2015, 9:39 AM by Lorrie Cranor
Dear Pittsburgh SciTech Community Member:

Your Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) has been in existence for only two years and already we have taken an active role in our school, organizing programs and providing over $4,500 of funding to support our students and teachers!  We are grateful for your past support of our Mad Mex fundraiser, Fall Festival, Spring Cultural Night, Box Top collections, and teacher appreciation luncheon, as well as sales of memory tiles, City Dining Cards and SciTech gear. 

As you know, our public schools have had their funding reduced in recent years.  As a result, SciTech and other public schools have had to use their funding for essentials and have had very limited funds for “extras” that enrich our students, such as field trips, student projects, new equipment, and other needs. The PTO is stepping in to help fund some of the projects that have been proposed by our terrific SciTech teachers. For example, we are supporting SciTech’s “Hour of Code” computer science event, incentives for student attendance, and an overnight field trip. The PTO has also purchased electronic equipment for our classrooms and various supplies for family events, teacher appreciation events and other SciTech classroom activities.

We expect to receive many more requests from our teachers as the year progresses and we would love to be able to help with all of them. However, we need your help in order to provide this funding. While our dining card and gear sales this year have helped us start to build up money that can be used to fund these requests, the money we have raised so far is not nearly enough.

If you wish to support our agenda for enhancing the education of our children, please send in a donation of any amount.  We will use all donations to enrich our children’s educational experience.  Please make your check payable to: Pittsburgh SciTech PTO and mail your donation to: Pittsburgh SciTech PTO, 107 Thackeray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Please enclose your name and address.

If you know of others (such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.) who may be interested in the goal of enhancing our kids’ education, please share this letter with them.  In appreciation, we will list all donors alphabetically in the PTO newsletter (although you have the option to remain anonymous if you prefer, just let us know). Every donation, no matter how small, will be used to help our students.

SciTech PTO has been approved as a tax exempt organization under section 501(c)3 of the non profit corporation laws. So your contribution will be tax deductible!

Thank you for your consideration.

On behalf of the Pittsburgh SciTech PTO,

Lorrie Cranor       
SciTech PTO Co-President  

Jeff Heil
SciTech PTO Co-President